Instagram May Want Reels To Be The Next Big Thing But Data Shows It Makes Up Only 22% Of The App’s Content

There’s no denying the fact that the popular social media app Instagram is doing everything possible to promote Reels.

The company has mentioned on several occasions how that’s now the current goal. After all, it’s producing the greatest amount of revenue for the application. But what if we told you that despite its efforts for more short-form video content, new data is providing a better picture of what’s going on and Meta may not like it?

According to new statistics, Reels make up only 22% of the platform’s overall content by influencers. The data is from July so it’s very recent.

Instagram has done everything to have Reels trending and that includes giving monetary incentives to creators to help get better views. Remember the good old Bonus program that was designed to promote Reels Play?

It was highlighted as the best tool to have growth from Reels take center stage on the app. But we don’t think the creators of Instagram have quite understood the plot or taken it seriously.

The tool is designed to better both reach as well as user engagement as outlined in the new data by HypeAuditor.

The latter took into consideration data stats of more than 77 million posts across the app to come to this fine conclusion. Meanwhile, images were certainly the trend leader in July. They made up a staggering 42% of the content seen on Instagram.

In the same way, carousel posts that feature both pictures and video content comprised 26% of the app’s overall content. Video content made up around 9.5% of content seen last month on Instagram.

The news is definitely a shocker, especially after the company stated that any video less than 15 minutes would now be converted into a Reel for users.

Influencers are definitely a little slower than usual in terms of adapting to the whole Reels concept. But that doesn’t mean Reels aren’t trending! Yes, they are still at the top of the list in terms of engagement from users and the metrics are proof of this.

However, before we forget, there was one specific category that did surprise us as much as it did experts at HypeAuditor. And that’s related to the way comments on Reels have performed in comparison to comments on users’ image posts. The latter beat out the former, to many people’s surprise.

Around two months back, we saw the app double down on its Reels feature. Adam Mosseri was very serious when he said that Instagram was no longer just a place to share images.

But as was seen, people weren’t happy. They felt that the app was following in TikTok’s footsteps and needed to find its own true calling.

“Let Instagram remain Instagram” started to trend on different social media apps and that was a clear message to Meta.

Still, Reels continues to keep so many users engaged and stats from Instagram’s algorithm are proof. As the old saying goes, metrics don’t lie. And at the moment 20% of people’s time spent across the app is definitely allocated to just this.

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