Let's Take A Look At How Much E-commerce Is Affecting The Economies Of Different Countries

With the e-commerce business being so in fashion nowadays, a breakdown was also on its way. As we know, China is the biggest contributor to e-commerce services with roughly 45.3% of online sales occurring this year on different platforms. The UK is next to China in its second spot, with over 35.9% of online sales happening this year and the third spot is South Korea, where 30.1% of online retail sales happened this year via e-commerce. The other countries following them are Indonesia, Singapore, the US, Russia, Canada, Japan, and Mexico respectively.

E-commerce is the most emerging source of income right now in the world right now and every country is breaking their sweat into making it a larger part of their economies. And right now China is exceeding every country in being the biggest part of e-commerce. China is the top country that has the largest e-commerce sales for retails this year. With over $2.879 trillion this year, it has become the top country for e-commerce services. China is the biggest e-commerce market that is led by different groups. The well-known being Ali Baba and the other companies associated with it. China is getting bigger and bigger in online marketing and leaving all these countries behind.

The next in the race is the United Kingdom(England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales). This year the US is in the race to earn more than a trillion dollars with its e-commerce marketing getting higher and higher. Its sales can reach up to $1.050 trillion this year, all because of the effort the country is putting to make its online economy grow. Most of the reports are saying that e-commerce is going to be up to 15% of the online retail sales of the United States economy. USA buyers are slowly adapting to buying things online as it was not a much-done activity before covid-19. That being said, covid-19 is one of the big reasons for shoppers to buy most things online. The future of e-commerce is bright and it is going to stay here for infinity.

H/T: eMarketer

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