Instagram To Soon Allow Users To Schedule Posts & Reels Directly Through The App

While the feature has long been a part of Instagram’s Creator Studio, we’re hearing about the possible launch of a new scheduling tool.

The company is very keen to add more convenience for users through a tool by which they can schedule all of their posts, including Reels, directly through the app.

The news comes to us thanks to an avid social media app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi who has tweeted about the new tool that will further improve users’ scheduling process on Instagram.

This means you can now post Stories, pictures, videos, and Reels at fixed times, whenever you find it most convenient.

When you actually come to think of it from the aspect of functionality, we don’t see it to be a huge upgrade. And that’s because if users really wanted to do it, they could have since the tool was present in the Creator Studio for the past 2 years.

Likewise, we saw Meta make another new announcement regarding an innovative Reels API. This will enable Reels scheduling through tools provided by third parties. Hence, this paves the way for a new possibility through which your various forms of Instagram content can be scheduled in a plethora of ways.

We see the tool being a revolutionary and very welcoming endeavor. It’s also going to be a big deal for those working as social media managers who are constantly on the move and need to make content through Instagram's tools.

We feel the ability to make such scheduling a reality can really allow users to stay at the top of their game, instead of relying on a single app and allowing for scheduling through another. Also, this rids the hesitation associated with non-native tools that offer limitations.

For now, we’re going to wait for the actual launch and the feedback received by users on this one so stay tuned!

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