Instagram Tests New Feature That Allows Users To Mute Words, Emojis, And Phrases From Captions And Hashtags

A new and interesting feature by Instagram is in its early testing phase but it’s safe to say that it’s already causing a commotion.

The feature will reportedly allow users to mute entire phrases, words, and emojis from both captions as well as hashtags. In the same way, it will give users an easy way to clean up Explore tabs too.

The platform made the announcement today, where it confirmed testing several features at once. And the entire idea is to provide extreme convenience and control to all regarding what they wish to see across the app.

Many are comparing the feature to Twitter’s mute options in settings because that’s what it looks like at first glance. However, we’d just like to add that this is definitely a little harsher, that’s for sure.

The test was unveiled on Meta’s blog recently and according to that, we don’t see any way through which items could be banned temporarily.

Hence, if you happen to see something you’re not a fan of or simply call it irrelevant, you can always make use of the feature to prevent it from popping up again, the post read. You can better think of something like this as a complete purge instead of a means to get rid of spoilers.

The post reads that although users may highlight which posts aren’t interesting to them on Explore, the entire process may be overwhelming. Remember, doing that for every single post or image or video gets tiresome.

Now, the new explore tab will feature an icon that’s present near the search bar. This way, users can end up making plenty of changes to a particular page. Either they could mark items that they don’t find interesting or simply note down content that’s sensitive for them.

Also, we saw in Meta’s recent blog post how users were provided reminders about making notes of content they’re not liking. And that could in turn lead to much better results across newsfeeds too.

In the previous week, we saw Instagram mentioning how it planned on adding more restrictions to the app for new users that are below the age of 16. And that particular piece of information came at a time when reports suggested the danger that the app possesses for many.

At the moment, it’s not clear who this particular test is getting launched for or how long it will take for a complete launch. So, we’ll just need to stay alert for that.

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