Google Is Testing An Increase In Local Service Ads Across Its Search Results Pages

Google is moving full throttle with its plans to increase local service advertisements across its search results.

The company would soon be incorporating three ads instead of the usual two on its results page, the tech giant explained as a part of its new test.

The news was recently confirmed by the company’s Ads Liaison who says the whole target is to build up customer confidence across LSAs.

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But nothing is final yet as Google reiterated how it’s just a part of its experiment and it hopes to gauge the value of its tests back to its loyal consumers and associated providers. Google aims to increase one added service provider for its Local Service ad unit.

The whole purpose is to assist consumers in exploring as well as booking different services thanks to all of its trusted providers with whom it shares great confidence.

It’s interesting to point out here how the experiment being done by Google right now is actually the exact opposite of what it intends to carry out. And that’s because there is plenty of attention being drawn to the current issues of LSA spam.

So, what happens when we see another LSA being added in the form of an ad unit to the search results page? Well, it’s a positive change or has the capability to be one for different entities out there that are busy promoting all of their services across the search engine.

Local service advertisements have a number of growing concerns surrounding them. For instance, there are so many fake ads linked to businesses circulating. Next, the unlimited number of fake reviews linked to business profiles is also plenty.

And lastly, there are several ads looming around related to business profiles that cease to exist or have been deactivated.

Now, Google claims that all of these matters are being screened by the search engine giant but experts feel there has to be some sort of gap regarding the confirmation of quality assurance there.

Google says it realizes the growing issues surrounding LSAs today and that’s why it recently made a commitment to combat the challenges, after taking users’ reports into consideration.

We can see that Google cares but again, actions are judged by intentions so until it’s done, people won’t be convinced.

Therefore, the next time you come across any fraudulent ads, please feel free to click on the Report button immediately.

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