Google has just fended off one of the largest cyberattacks ever made on a company

Using the internet, a person can come across a multitude of things and people. There are cyber-criminals on the internet that are just looking for a quick way to make money off brands by hacking them. Unfortunately, Google also comes in the spectrum of the huge brands that are susceptible to these sorts of attacks.

According to Google itself, the company recently fended off an HTTPS DDoS attack that was the largest ever recorded in history. The last attack of this sort was faced by Cloudflare back in June. Press releases and statements by the tech giant state that the attack was aimed at internet services that it offers and could have been a devastating one if it were successful.

Occurring on June 1st, the DDoS attack consisted of 46 million HTTPS-based requests per second. Google product manager Emil Kiner while speaking about the magnitude of the attack said that “This is the biggest Layer 7 DDoS reported to date.”

Just to give an idea as to how big the attack was he said that it was like the company was receiving all of the daily Wikipedia requests in 10 seconds. However, it should be noted that Wikipedia is one of the most visited pages throughout the world every day.

Like we said before, the last attack of this sort was faced by Cloudflare, but the attack that they were victims of was nothing compared to the attack that was directed Google’s way. According to the company, the attack was 76% stronger than the one on Cloudflare which peaked at 26 million RPS, which they faced in the same month. While the title of the largest attack was held by Cloudflare, Microsoft witnessed an attack of greater magnitude but because of it being used to harm the network, it was placed in a different class of DDoS attacks.

Now remains the question of where did the attack come from, well if the suspicions of the company are correct the attack most presumably came from Meris botnet which is a network of hundreds of infected routers and devices across the world.

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