Facebook Struggles To Maintain Its Ranking On The List Of Top 10 Apps As Young Users Lose Interest

Let’s face the reality, it’s been an awfully tough year for Facebook. And now, more data is revealing how the platform is struggling to maintain its position on the list of top 10 apps across America.

It appears that people have clearly lost interest in the company as Meta struggles to find ways to better promote the platform. Only recently, the firm’s earnings report highlighted how its userbase was shrinking.

Meanwhile, data and trends reveal how younger audiences appear to be more inclined toward apps like TikTok and BeReal. The former and latter are really doing great for themselves in terms of growth.

The detailed report from the Apple App Store says Facebook may be losing grip faster than many had expected.

In 2021, we saw Facebook fall in and out of the list of top 10 free apps across iOS devices, seven times. But it’s astonishing to mention how the figure has gone up to 97 this year. If this doesn’t signal that the app is losing ground, then we’re not quite sure what will.

Newer apps are really doing well for themselves and we see them pushing ground.

Last year, during the first six months of 2021, we witnessed the app fall from the store six times. And during the same time this year, it fell a whopping 59 times.

A point had even come where it went about staying out of the list for a good 37 days. This data was recently verified by another data-providing source called data.ai.

As far as the worst time period this year, well, April has to be it as Facebook fell to position 30 and then further went down to 44. And it’s interesting to note that during that time, BeReal seemed to be climbing upward.

Does this data really concern Facebook? Well, as it is, the platform isn’t known for being exactly a chart leader in this way. Also, a top ten ranking of this sort is just one simple way of measuring success so that’s that.

But what these types of rankings do end up showing is how able the app is at attracting users.

Facebook is clearly struggling to make it big with younger audiences who are very attracted to TikTok and BeReal. And we know for a fact that Mark Zuckerberg is not happy with the news of seeing his firm fail at inspiring a younger generation.

This is why last year in the fall, we saw the CEO inform investors that the firm was busy retooling so that teams could better serve and accommodate younger audiences, instead of the older generation.

Zuckerberg is well aware of the fact that this sort of shift doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, it takes a really long time, like years. And that’s true, considering how the firm is right now busy investing millions in its metaverse platform.

Is this the end of the road for Facebook? Absolutely not because recent data shows how its monthly active users are slowly climbing upwards. Yes, it’s not where the company wished it would be but any gain is a major one during this time of uncertainty.

Meta knows that Facebook still has it to fight other archrivals. At the same time, Meta’s other apps like WhatsApp and Instagram are also doing great.

Recently, data for the monthly active users present globally was greatest for Facebook, then WhatsApp, then Facebook Messenger, and finally Instagram. Meanwhile, TikTok took the sixth position.

See, these trends don’t reveal that Facebook is adored by the older lot and not the younger ones as much. Still, it’s going to be interesting how trends play out in the upcoming few months.

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