DuckDuckGo Rolls Out Beta Version Of A New Email Protection Tool

Users are free to try out a new email protection tool by DuckDuckGo as the company recently rolled it out in Beta.

While it was first spoken about in 2021, DuckDuckGo unveiled during the time that it was going to be a great, free, and worthwhile option for email forwarding.

They added how it was designed to conceal any email IDs whenever users wished to sign up for its online service, newsletters, and more.

Similarly, the tool also puts an end to tracking artifacts that are prevalent in emails. Now that it's arriving in beta, the popular internet privacy firm says that it can provide more protection by shielding all trackers hidden in web links.

We can see this new launch as one that lies midway between classic email forwarding tools that route texts via users' inboxes without putting their address on display, and those related to private email services such as ProtonMail.

The whole goal is to provide protection against the threat surrounding user profiling. This is done by hiding user identity and overcoming advanced tracking systems that are created by various ad firms, web players, and the world of online retailers too.

In a recent blog post put up by the company, we saw them speak in detail about how firms very Sneakily add trackers through pictures and links. These become embedded inside email messages and can freely gather information by simply opening up a text.

It could provide details like where you happened to be when you opened that text up and what type of device you ended up using too.

Since your email IDs are literally linked to almost everything and anything online like social media, work, and purchases, they can easily make the best use of their tracking strategies.

Using this new tool, users are allowed to produce personal and unlimited private addresses. These can even be the most random ones, providing that’s what they want.

Whenever a message arrives on these accounts, it will be stripped away from any form of tracking. You can even deactivate the tool, if and when you wish to stem spam flow toward the inbox.

The biggest advantage of Email Protection is related to a very efficient email tracking protection system. You don’t need to switch your provider or even deal with multiple accounts if you don’t want.

If you like the sounds of it, feel free to sign up by going to the settings menu on the application.

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