CompTIA Has Conducted A Study On The Attitudes Of Job Seekers Attempting To Seek Employment In The USA

CompTIA published statistical data on current trends amongst job seekers in the USA, analyzing both career pathways being commonly aimed for and strategies being used to get there.

The Computing Technology Industry Association advertises itself as a firm that contributes to the growth of the tech industry by providing a veritable task force of accomplished individuals with the necessary resources to unlock inner potential. In non-corporate jargon, CompTIA just provides US tech employees with online resources that can help them with getting better qualifications and, accordingly, jobs. With the USA so hyper-focused on employment these days, and blaming millennials for not being employed, startups and firms like CompTIA are going to be quite lucrative ventures in the near future. Providing job seekers with the ability to bolster their CVs and resumes with relatively inexpensive, at-home options is the exact sort of niche service that so many are looking for. An unpaid internship sounds so much better when it’s just a study course that can easily be done in the comfort of your home with a laptop.

At any rate, CompTIA needs to advertise itself rather well and is accordingly spending its time with publications and number crunching that’ll help sell itself as a competent source of information and inspiration for the workforce. Honestly, the workforce could use a ton of inspiration; the pandemic along with the rise of late-stage capitalism has worn people down to shreds. Anchors from Fox News and millionaire celebrities like Kim Kardashian are content in telling the general workforce to work for their keep and whatnot without realizing just how much said group of individuals is being kept down. Between struggling to find proper housing, employment circles refusing to cover anything more than minimum wage, and insurance companies bleeding everyone dry, people are tired. I honestly completely understand the r/antiwork philosophy now; even if the cookie cutter Fox News blonde reporter who lives in a two story house doesn’t.

The research was conducted by CompTIA across the month of June, 2022, and involved a total of 1,000 job seekers from the USA being interviewed via surveys. This reveals that some of the top-most sought after jobs include positions in sales, marketing, real estate, or similar work. This is possibly due to there being a sufficient balance between required experience versus benefits. While education and teaching, for example, is also sought after by 12% of the respondents, such jobs require a lot of prior experience or education, and provide limited benefits to employees; that’s why they can’t match up with the 23% of individuals who think marketing and real estate requires little more than a master’s degree and provides many job benefits in return.

67% of individuals agree that they consider higher pay as a major factor when considering newer positions. 40% state that they’re looking for more job security and safety with newer areas of expertise. The answer least agreed upon ended up being a total of 32% advocating for career growth and opportunities. Naturally, there are individuals who would belittle younger generations for displaying no loyalty due to this, but honestly the biggest concerns a person should be looking after is how well a new client will pay, and what else do they bring to the table. Never sell yourself short as an individual working in the job industry.
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