Clubhouse Is Allowing Users To Set Up Private Chatroom For Select Individuals With The Introduction Of Houses To The Platform

The Clubhouse app is allowing friends and close ones the ability to exclusively chat with each other via the introduction of a new Houses feature to the platform.

Clubhouse, for those unaware, is a social media platform that essentially relies on audio-rooms as its niche market. Users can freely swap between different chat rooms, with each one featuring a slew of either hosts or a hodge-podge of individuals looking to discuss topics of interest with each other. Think of it as Omegle, but with more people per call and no accompanying video. Upon its launch, Clubhouse ended up becoming a massively popular platform, and a rather interesting anomaly since most other social media sites didn’t exactly rely on this podcast-Esque setting for their community. Of course, since Clubhouse’s success, other sites have attempted their hand at the formula, with Twitter’s Spaces being the most prominent example available to the general populace.

However, despite the notable early success that Clubhouse enjoyed, certain things decided to fall by the wayside on its way to the top, hindering the platform’s growth. Much of this came from a lack of effective moderation on the site. Ultimately, this led to many white supremacist groups making the platform their social hub to discuss rallies, exchange racist viewpoints, and so on. It’s even speculated that some of the 2021 Capitol Riots’ planning may have occurred on Clubhouse, leading to individuals distancing themselves from it. However, unrelatedly, I’d just like to remind everyone that more evidence of online planning for the riots has been linked to Facebook than any other social media site, so I hope Meta had fun enlisting yet another slew of policy changes that will ultimately be unsuccessfully employed.

The clubhouse may be a solid idea for a social media platform, but it has some inherent issues to it. Most prominent, other than the above-mentioned ones, is the fact that chat rooms tend to get unnecessarily noisy. Since chat rooms allow anyone to converse with anyone else, there can be a cacophony of sounds that essentially make discussions regarding any topic difficult to hold. That’s exactly where the new feature, Houses, comes into play. Houses are essentially just private chat rooms that users can rely on if they only want to engage with friends and loved ones. Then again, I still don’t know what the difference is between a House and just a regular FaceTime call, other than the fact that the latter features videos as well.

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