The famous password generator app Authenticator has a duplicate that is stealing people’s data

On the internet, there is no shortage of crooks with bad intentions and they are looking to make money off innocent people who are new to the internet. Apple is one of the biggest companies in the world with millions of new iPhones being sold every month. The main app that users download apps from for iPhones is the App Store, where millions upon millions of apps reside. Over there some apps are popular with users like the Authenticator app. The app is a password generator and log book that requires a weekly subscription.

The app was made by a developing company called 2Stable and is very popular in the world. Because of its popularity, a scammer copied it and presented it as another password generator app. The thing is that while the users will be paying monthly for that app, they will also use it to generate their passwords and all the data will go to the scammers who could use it for any sort of purpose, as reported by Kevin Archer. So, it would be like double theft, first take the subscription money, then, using the passwords that were generated by the users for their cards, take money from there.

The copycat app had cloned the original one down to the bone. The scammers did not even bother to change the color scheme or the text from the original app. Even the layout of the website for the sign-up was the same.

The developers of the app 2Stable, have reported the scam to Apple many times but there has been no response from the company itself. This just goes to show that Apple does not care about what sort of content is on their App Store and how it can harm their users and their trust.

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