Android 13 brings the new design of media controls of Google services, including YouTube beta

Android 13 beta is developing a new advanced design for media controls. With the latest redesign, three main Google applications have been changed to support the redesign: Google Chrome, YouTube Music app, and Google Podcasts. The exciting news is that the upcoming beta for the YouTube app will have a new user interface for beta users.

Version 17.32.32 brings a noteworthy change in the media controls observed in the notification panel. So, when users are about to cast videos on YouTube, they will notice a visible difference in the media controls. As far as media controls redesign update is concerned, it is worth mentioning here that the change is minor compared to the Chrome browser and other Google services. The updated YouTube app will target API 33( simply Android 13), which consists of a large progress bar covering the complete width of your UI and a new design of Pause option in a circular view turning in a rounded Play option when clicked moved to the base.

Another option besides Next is the cross (X) for closing a video will be removed with the upcoming update. This new change is not appreciable as usually swiping closes the notification instead ending the playing video. In addition, the redesigned Play and Pause button will cause the title of YouTube to be shown less on the screen. The updated user interface is in beta and will soon be available in a couple of weeks for Android 13 users.

As mentioned earlier, these new changes in the UI may lead to shortening video titles, but it is not a big issue as a whole. Moreover, for YouTube premium users that use audio play in the background, these updates are also important. Lastly, other podcast apps, for instance, Spotify, are still anticipating an update.

H/T: 9to5G
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