A Creator Insider Video Reveals How Content Creators On YouTube Can Now Repurpose Videos Into Shorts

A Creator Insider video discloses how YouTubers will now be able to directly trim their videos into sixty-second Shorts.

TikTok, and all of their analogs such as Instagram Reels or YouTube Shorts, are doing incredibly well right now. The short-form video content format has been effectively established as the current online meta for generating views. It’s honestly been an interesting ride, watching the internet struggle between longer and shorter videos, as each format comes and goes out of style. YouTube especially is a platform that has had many overhauls with regards to the ideal video time, mostly to the chagrin of content creators on the platform. YouTubers have to constantly struggle with an algorithm that will start supporting different video time-stamps on a whim: from 10 minutes to 20+ minutes, to 5 minutes, and now we’ve added seconds into the mix with Shorts. However, YouTube is now offering users a method via which they can both have their cake and eat it too: by easily converting their videos into Shorts using the platform’s mobile app.

The Creator Insider video in question today revealed a new feature built into the YouTube app that will allow users to clip their full videos into sixty-second shorts. This does come with a catch: the videos must be sixty seconds, no more or no less. However, there are further allowances that help users shape videos as well. For example, if whittling a video down leaves you at fewer than sixty seconds, the remaining time can be supplemented by either shooting content using the Shorts camera on the spot, or by adding videos and/or images from one’s gallery. This way, going below the sixty-second mark isn’t a particularly annoying hindrance. Most importantly, users don’t have to fight the algorithm as viciously anymore. If it’s Shorts that YouTube asks content creators to make, full videos can very easily be repurposed to share the platform’s sentiments (even if said sharing is a little begrudging).

Currently, the feature is only available to select YouTubers across iOS devices. However, it is soon expected to roll out to Android users as well. In the meantime, the platform’s devs ask that community members leave suggestions and feedback on the new feature.

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