Windows 11 is coming up with a handy Taskbar with a slight improvement to help users open all apps easily

Microsoft is doing a trial of a bunch of new handy features and various bug fixes in its current Windows version 11 with a preview 25163. The interesting news is that the company has restored the previous functionality of the desktop’s taskbar. Previously, the overflow characteristic had been obsolete in Windows 11 OS, causing difficulty for users to switch between various apps opened altogether.

From now onwards, the Taskbar will show an option that contains all programs in a menu box. The highly anticipated Taskbar menu (triple dots) will be displayed on the right-hand side of the taskbar, and allow you to view all of your open applications on the taskbar, even when there is limited space. It is perfect for laptop screens as there are a lot of pinned apps on the taskbar, and sometimes it seems weird to have so many icons on the taskbar. So, the overflow option enables you to view the applications that find no place to fit in. The overflow feature contains a jump list and an extended user interface. Once you invoke overflow, other apps in the mini bar and the menu itself will dismiss upon clicking outside it or when you navigate to some other place on your desktop.

To add on, the Taskbar menu box functionality is just one of the recent features of Windows 11. In its new build, another most anticipated update is the development of the easy-to-connect adjacent devices feature which can support the User Data Program Protocol to locate neighboring devices. The nearby sharing run via Xbox, Explorer, and apps that use the built-in sharing window. The Windows 11 users will be able to try a swift file-transferring experience to share multiple documents through the share interface and instantly send files to nearby desktop PCs through UDP as well as Bluetooth. For this feature to work, you must set your network to private.

Moving no forward, Microsoft is also rolling out OneDrive accommodation in Build 25163 that enables people to upload and share important stuff directly to the cloud easily.

We see the recent two improvements in the Windows 11 operating system are not exactly major but still, they’re welcome and worth praising. Taskbar overflow in the UI will complement power savers and those who need to manage multiple apps on their gaming PCs. However, we would suggest running as few applications as possible because running so many programs at a time can halt your system’s overall performance. Furthermore, Microsoft has also sorted out problems regarding bug fixes and we’re glad that the improvement is being made on File Explorer to secure memory leaks while using multiple tabs and a crash issue while dragging tabs around also.

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