Twitter is working on adding Bitmojis to the app to be used as profile pictures

Twitter is one of the most used apps in the world that is mainly used by important people and celebrities to tweet out every news of their life. The app was launched in 2006 the app has been gaining users every day. The app currently boasts 217 million monthly daily users.

Everybody loves Bitmojis, they help you express yourself on a digital platform like never before. They let you dress up as you like, make your face and hair exactly in your image. Bitmojis have also been gaining popularity hence they are not just restricted to Snapchat but now have made their way on to Instagram under the name avatars and are coming on Twitter as well.

Twitter is currently experimenting with a new addition to the app that will let users display their Bitmoji as their twitter profile picture. This will enable people to use their digital avatar as a means of representation outside of Snapchat.

In a screenshot posted by a famous reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi, Twitter is testing out the new Bitmoji feature with an Add Bitmoji option to connect your Bitmoji account to your Twitter one. This will also link your Twitter profile to your Snapchat account because as you can see Snapchat owns Bitmoji. In other words, this feature will provide users with a direct link between their twitter and snapchat profiles. Also this is probably the first time that both of them have partnered over a new integration of this size.

That is very interesting if we talk from the perspective of competition given that both of the apps largely work in a very competitive environment. But this should be kept in mind that twitter does not have any Bitmoji creation tools of its own so it just looks like Twitter asking for a leg up from Snapchat.

This also benefits snapchat as they have been looking for ways to make their Bitmoji characters a bigger part of the in app experience even launching branded clothes to enable the users with more ways to express themselves and their identity in the app.

All this expansion is making sense as every day we are moving towards the future where the Metaverse will be our main point of interaction which we will do with our digital avatar versions.

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