Twitter Gives Advertisers A Unique Marketing Chance With The Launch Of ‘Branded Likes’

Twitter is launching its ‘branded likes’ functionality for more businesses around the world, which is a feature that the company unveiled last week at the Cannes Lions program.

The launch is going to give brands a bigger and better marketing opportunity which advertisers located in the US, UK, Japan, and the KSA can take advantage of in the form of engaging and interactive tweet options.

Twitter has put up a series of examples across its platforms that showcase how the branded likes option gives users the chance to customize the Twitter Like button with animations on particular tweets.

This way, users will get a chance to boost their engagement as well as their awareness with the help of a great interactive feature.

The company adds how certain moments in life deserve attention. This could be in the form of a film, a series premiere, or perhaps a huge conference and product release. Therefore, these special occasions call for more awareness while taking a conversation to the next level. Only then can users expect to stand out in a crowd full of competitors and have their brand known.

We definitely feel this is a huge chance that guarantees brands get the most interest from their respective audience. However, some critics are referring to it as an out-of-reach endeavor due to the expenses involved.

Twitter is trying to include its branded likes offering into an ad endeavor for timelines, and that means users will first see an ad pop up as the first thing when users activate their Twitter for the first time on that particular day.

Branded likes will most likely be a part of takeover ads where brands can soon select hashtags for the animations related to your branded likes.

Twitter says it does tend to work with these different regions in terms of creating creative elements such as art displays for marketing campaigns. Hence, it only makes sense to introduce a feature like this that glorifies likes.

The new update will be up for a day in the same location as where the brand’s timeline happens to be placed. Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to call it a fun and responsive action that assists in greater reach and brand promotion.

As far as price is concerned, there are no updates on that front. But the company does plan on announcing price details soon. For now, we just know that twitter’s promotion trends can go up to $200,000 a day. Clearly, that’s more on the higher end for twitter’s ad expenses but do expect this feature to be pricey too.

Hence, when you look at things from that perspective, it’s not the best option for promotions of sales but we do see how it can be done for bigger events or major releases.

Nevertheless, kudos to Twitter for giving an interesting option from which brands can benefit, not to mention an added sense of diversity being provided on the Twitter stream.

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