Google Strikes Mega Deal With Developers That Allows Users To Make Subscriptions Outside The Play Store

Search engine giant, Google has recently scored a huge agreement with developers located in the US. And that entails allowing consumers to make subscriptions to gain services present outside the firm’s Play Store.

This gives rise to the newest shift in the already competitive economy that it heads with leading tech giant Apple.

Google says it also has some major plans in terms of allotting $90 million that will be provided as grants to assist developers who failed to reach a target earning of less than $2 million on an annual basis via the firm’s app store, during the period of 2016 throughout 2021.

As previously announced, Google is going to take its 15% share for the first $100,000,000 that was produced as the company’s yearly revenue via Play Store earnings from American developers. This was confirmed via a public statement by the firm on Thursday.

Interestingly, this particular agreement is very much in line with what we’ve seen with fellow archrival Apple who managed to strike a similar deal with its small-scale developers in 2021. The whole move was designed to allow for changes in relation to how these app stores function.

As can be seen with Google’s new agreement, Apple had also enabled its developers to fight for changes related to the functioning of its stores. These developers were given the chance to market a lower pricing strategy outside the precincts of the App Store and directly to the consumers, thanks to the help seen with emails and other means of communications.

Apple was also seen providing support to developers after it made use of a funds pool that was greater than what we observed for Google, $100 million to be exact.

In another twist of events, we had been seeing Apple give its developers the chance to enable third-party services the opportunity to charge clients beyond the app store. This was a part of the Japanese Trade Commission pact that allowed developers to bypass the staggering 15% fee that Apple was charging.

In the recent past, both Google and Apple have been called out for stringent legal and political criticisms related to the commissions on offer while putting a limit on billing that is an application to any paid services on the app store.

Therefore, the US Congress is also in the midst of offering a new bill that makes tech giants change the way their business models function. As it is, the number of lawsuits being filed against Apple and Google in this regard is just beyond mind-blowing.

Tinder’s parent firm, Match Group has also accused Google of monopolistic maneuvers in regards to the billing policies present.

And it didn’t take long for Google to transform its rules, forcing the leading dating site parent firm to withdraw all of its respective legal complaints.

In the latest deal, Google is allowing its customers the chance to give developers a bigger and brighter chance to make contact with those seen beyond the Play Store. These can include talks about cheaper deals on competitive apps or even details of other subscriptions.

Google also plans on launching more transparent reports regarding its activity on the Play Store soon, with Apple making a similar decision. The whole purpose is to make others aware of statistics such as those pertaining to which applications had been deleted and which accounts were recently terminated.

The whole purpose is to give users a better understanding of the overall mechanism and way of working for the company.

H/T: Bloomberg

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