TikTok Reassures Lawmakers It Is Safeguarding Users’ Privacy After Being Accused Of Accessing US Databases

TikTok has been in the limelight recently for some not-so-great reasons. And that includes a number of accusations being hurled its way about accessing US databanks.

The company which is owned by China’s ByteDance was seen reassuring a number of American senators how its top concern was to safeguard its users’ privacy after the growing number of concerns that lawmakers put forward.

A letter was also sent out last Thursday to these Senators where the popular social media app said its employees located outside the nation were able to view data belonging to US citizens. And as you can probably expect, the issue is a little bit too concerning for some.

The fact that the platform is confirming that such illegal activities are taking place while reassuring that it’s looking into bettering the situation is just a huge slap in the face.

Therefore, TikTok is doing its level best to prevent itself from being banned in America. The recent memo shed light on how it was closely working with Oracle’s side for the creation of a leading number of tools that guarantee data security. The firm adds it hopes to complete this project as early as possible and that could mean anytime next year.

The letter was sent out by the app’s CEO who says both Chinese and US employees have access to the data, and it’s subject to a stringent array of tough cybersecurity controls, which the app was currently reviewing.

But just last year, an alarming report by CNBC mentioned that a number of TikTok employees showed great concern about how much influence the app’s parent company had, adding that Chinese employees could view US data with ease.

TikTok’s new project is being hailed as Project Texas, whose main goal is to protect users’ data while keeping the country’s national security as a top priority right now.

As far as what the firm is doing at this moment, well, it appears to be busy storing data as a part of its default plan inside Oracle’s cloud. And that is just a repeat of what the firm mentioned in the past about US traffic getting routed towards Cloud’s infrastructure.

TikTok hopes that would be enough to put more and more users closer to a day when they can protect users’ data in the US with great confidence and not worry about such accusations taking place again.

This particular agreement with Oracle is not being seen as something new. In fact, it first came into play in the year 2020. And that’s right after ex-US President Trump made threats to put a ban on the app across America.

TikTok’s CEO was seen again confirming how although the algorithm for TikTok was similar to the Chinese version of the app called Douyin, most of TikTok’s main technology infrastructure was independent of it.

Lastly, the memo also highlighted how there was no news about the country’s Communist Party asking the popular app for any access to its data related to US users. And in case it did, ByteDance would never entertain such offers, to begin with.

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