TikTok Is Testing Out The Release Of HTML5 Games On The Platform

TikTok is currently testing the introduction of HTML games to the platform, allowing users to interact with the app in new ways.

HTML games can be fun, sure; I’ve spent more than my fair share of time fiddling around with them online through websites like friv.com back in the day. TikTok probably figures that kids like games, and since it can’t physically turn into a gaming console, it might as well cater to something less intense. HTML5 games aren’t exactly technological marvels and can be rather easily made. More importantly, they require very little processing power to run and take up minimal space on an app as well. That makes them the perfect sort of gaming software for a platform like TikTok to rush towards.

Then again, does TikTok need to provide gaming services to its users as well? Sure, I get that the likes of Facebook have, but it’s not like people look towards Facebook Gaming as this massively profitable behemoth. TikTok’s popular, and it’s looking to add more stuff to its formula to feel fresh, and that makes complete sense. I don’t see HTML games being that extra shot of necessary adrenaline, but who knows? Maybe the platform will end up accidentally creating its Flappy Bird and get ridiculously famous (again).

This news about gaming being added to TikTok, while odd, is not at all unexpected. If anyone followed recent news (and may I suggest this very online journal for such endeavors?), TikTok’s been teaming up with different developers for a while now. Approximately a year back, the social media giant teamed up with mobile game developing juggernaut Zygna to create a new game. Disco Loco 3D was created as the first exclusive TikTok title, and since then the platform has gone on to team up with many other developers as well, including Nitro Games, Aim Lab, and Vodoo. If the development of proper gaming titles is something that TikTok has gotten used to, creating a series of HTML mini-games shouldn’t end up being all that big of a hurdle.

The current list of mini-games isn’t particularly long, but users can expect more additions down the line. Currently, they can only be accessed by certain regions, as the process is undergoing beta testing of sorts. But there’s no need to worry: soon enough, exciting titles such as Basketball FRVR and Influencer Run will be in your hands as well. I mean…yay?


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