The U.S is currently leading the increase in avg. amount of online orders with 24%

The global consumers in these past years were not very thankful for Online Shopping until Covid-19 came along and put them all into quarantine and forced them to stay in their homes.

On the other hand, Inflation is a huge problem in the whole world and the Third World countries especially, who are the main victims of economic downfalls. eCommerce is also directly related to it and the high prices that come with inflation are not at least discouraging for consumers.

In fact in the second quarter of 2022 (April 22- June 22), with the prices, the sales of different products across many markets also went up. According to an analysis by Klaviyo, the average order value skyrocketed into a 19% increase in Q2, if put in comparison to Q1.

But, with all these increases, brands are offering 18% fewer discounts in Q2 than they did in Q1 as they try their best to cope with the increasing price of the raw goods that they need to make their best quality products.

And within all of this, the small businesses (businesses with less than $5 million as revenue) that sent emails saying that their product(s) was back in stock, saw a 9% increase in orders.

Some specific types of products and categories saw a spectacular increase in orders in the second quarter of this year including; Apparel and Accessories with a 13% increase, Food and Beverage had a 12% increase, and last but not least Jewelry witnessed a 4% increase.

While many people expected Health and Beauty products to be on the list above, they saw only a meager 2% increase with electronics going in the negative with 5% fewer orders.

If we look at the worldwide chart the U.S. is currently leading with a 24% increase on avg. orders, followed by Europe, Middle East, and Africa all of whom saw a 9% increase while the Asia-Pacific saw only a 2% increase in average order value.

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