Snapchat has been sued by the Russian Government and they have won the case

Snapchat is one of the favorite apps to take and store photos in addition to chatting with friends and watching stories. The app is popular throughout the world for its cool and sometimes weird filters that sometimes change the likeness of the user to match one of any character or animal.

But the app isn’t all cakes and rainbows, because recently in a controversy the Russian government took the owner of the app to court on the charge of refusing to share data with the Kremlin aka the other name of the Russian Government.

In the past few months ever since Russia decided to invade Ukraine in February, it has an ongoing spat with all the social media platforms because of the Backlash they faced after invading Ukraine. However, major companies like Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and PayPal have agreed to hand over the data.

The court found Snap Inc. guilty of violating part 8 of article 13.11 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation and charged the company with a fine of 1 million Rubles (approximately 16064.26). The verdict was announced by Russian Judge Timur Vakhrameev.

It is no secret that the Russian Government and the Russian law in general, have somewhat restricted freedom of speech and a lot of content is highly censored in the country, but this censorship reached an all-time high after the invasion of Ukraine.

There is a penalty in the Russian Law for failing to provide the information recording or any other form of media when asked by the government. The specific wording of the law states there is a penalty for “failure by the operator, when collecting personal data, of the obligation to ensure the recording, storage or extraction of personal data of citizens of the Russian Federation using databases located on the territory of Russia.”

Like we said, the requirement for every company to keep a track on their consumers has always been there but in 2019 it began to be more forcibly enforced.

Last year, the Russian agency Rozkomnador found out 46 cases where data laws were broken.

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