Samsung’s ‘SmartThings Find’ Network Doubles In Size With Over 200 Million ‘Find Nodes’

Despite entering the market recently, Samsung is taking great pride in its SmartThings Find network which has managed to double in size.

According to the company, the network has amassed more than 200 million find nodes which are designed to assist users in finding any of their lost devices and other Galaxy-related SmartTags.

The company unveiled through a press release during the evening hours how the network has seen an expansion that has more than doubled in comparison to the previous year. Today, there are more than 200 million nodes located in the wilderness.

For those who may not be aware, the ‘find node’ feature is the name allocated for any smartphone or device belonging to Galaxy. These devices have been tuned in a manner that uses SmartThings Find.

This way, the technology assists in relaying information such as the location of the SmartTag attached back to the owner.

Interestingly, the company confirmed that it was able to add a staggering 100 million devices that had been registered just this year and that is clearly a major accomplishment.

Many people look at the feature as one that’s equivalent to Apple’s Air Tag. The useful functionality has been appreciated by many who have used it to find misplaced phones, earbuds, and other high-tech gadgets.

The reviews have been great so far with so many satisfied users grateful that they’ve been able to easily locate any misplaced devices in no time, with its help.

Moreover, the huge increase in nodes is just another way of looking at how much the odds of finding a device in the wild have increased as it gets displayed over a number of registered devices.

In comparison, Apple has never mentioned an exact figure as to how much its ‘Find My’ network has grown or expanded over the years, although it did reveal that it comprised hundreds of millions. But you have to remember that Apple’s feature is much older than Samsung and hence direct comparisons can’t be made.

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