New Study Proves Most People Lie About Their Tech Proficiency At Work

If you happen to feel a little guilty about not telling your employer and fellow colleagues at the workplace about how little you know about technology, well, you’re not the only one.

A new study is shedding light on how most people fail to give out the correct details regarding their tech proficiency when they’re at the workplace.

Commonly, employees aren’t too great at using Excel and hence struggle with the working mechanisms involved. But they’re scared that since the skill is very basic, not knowing how to go about the situation can really be an embarrassment for them.

But you no longer need to feel bad for two very good reasons. Firstly, you are definitely not the only one lying. Secondly, there are so many others who struggle with being proficient in technology so it’s a common problem.

We’ve got new figures thanks to OSlash who confirmed the news with their recent research. The firm revealed how the entire purpose was to take into account how fellow co-workers end up taking help from others in regards to tech assistance.

Almost half of the people surveyed admitted that they relied or depended on their colleagues to get a certain task done because they required further tech assistance. Meanwhile, it was interesting to see how around 50% of such co-workers turned to their fellow employees at least once in the entire day to get help for a task.

Moreover, one in every five employees confirmed how they are the ones approaching their colleagues for technical help. But exactly do these people need help was a question in many readers’ minds. And the study managed to solve that mystery too.

On average, most people struggled with issues related to software malfunctioning and hardware problems. Others couldn’t operate important office devices like scanners and printers. There were also a few that delineated issues related to computer screens freezing and having problems with computer files.

The study by OSlash also proved how there seems to be a very clear generational divide in terms of who are the askers and who are the responders to such issues. Interestingly, the majority of the generations that had issues and required help included those from Gen X and the Baby Boomers.

Meanwhile, those from Generation Z explained how assisting fellow colleagues to look for files results in a wastage of time surmounting to nearly eight hours in the entire week.

There are definitely occasions to the norm. Obviously, on some days, new advancements in software and technology are introduced at the workplace and that just confuses everyone entirely.

Some workers even went on to speak about how employers made leading mistakes when rolling out technical advancements. These arose in the form of poor training, lack of support, or even sending out new technical updates a tad bit too often for employees to handle.

This compounded with poor environments to work in can really affect the firm’s productivity, the study adds.

While most workers would enjoy having a number of different types of learning chances, others highlighted the significance of taking part in weekly training sessions. It’s also a great practice to conduct evaluations on a routine basis to see where employees stand while others would love to have guest speakers arrive for training.
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