New Risk Index For Top Brands Shows Tesla To Be A Magnet For Misinformation

A new risk index for brands promoting misinformation is making heads turn in the digital world. Here is where the world’s top brands were ranked in terms of them behaving as magnets for misinformation.

To many people’s shock and concern, it was Tesla that reached the top spot as the leader of such appalling market behavior.

The index that was published this week entailed findings received from NewsGuard as well as Pulsar. Both these firms make use of the best AI tools and methods used for carrying out analyses regarding different brands.

Clearly, this new index is being hailed as one of the first of its kind, providing great insights linked to how much misinformation is being spread out there in the world today with no one to cross-check anything.

The scores are stated to comprise a four-week average that took into consideration of high figures (10) and low ones too (0). Meanwhile, the top 25 brands were included, taken from Interbrand’s list.

Pulsar added how it planned to refresh the ratings seen on the Index each week, depending on various market conditions. But according to the results published this morning, it was Tesla who took a clear lead, scoring a whopping ten in every category.

One leading member of the Pulsar team says Tesla has constantly shown figures that make you wonder how one brand could be exposed to so much misinformation online, adding how the risks attached were plenty.

It even detailed how some stories were related to how Elon Musk went missing and others that it felt were equally bizarre to speak about.

The second top position went to Disney, scoring half as much as Tesla and beating all others out. But the real shocker was related to how social media giants like Facebook and Instagram ranked with less intense or moderate scores.

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