New Instagram Survey Is Asking Users About Their Race And Ethnicity

The changes being put forward by Meta on Instagram are plenty as the company’s CEO vowed to double down on AI-based recommended content.

But that’s not the only change that users might experience. A new survey is making the rounds on the platform and it’s asking users some personal details like their race and ethnicity.

While the sounds of it may seem controversial, the app has come forward to highlight how that’s not the case. In fact, it’s part of a study being conducted to see how different Instagram products affect different communities.

The survey is being rolled out for users in the US and it’s not necessary to take part in the ordeal if you don’t choose to. But in case you do, all information will be kept confidential and also, the app says it won’t affect users’ experience by any means.

Instagram was recently seen mentioning how the survey is designed to get more demographic details of those using the app. They feel that the more details they know about users, the better they can improve their services related to different products.

The new optional survey is rolling out today and will continue for the next few months. You may not even see it in the first place, the app says.

Those who are worried about their reach being affected by the survey shouldn’t be concerned as the platform says it has nothing to do with it.

It’s also very interesting to note that Instagram is certainly not hosting the ordeal itself. All data extracted from this survey would be going to YouGov, which is a leading polling firm.

After the data is de-encrypted, it will be categorized and tabulated respectively and then split among the different research bodies located. And then finally, Instagram would be getting the data as an aggregate total.
The firm has reassured that those taking part in surveys will not have individual responses linked to specific users as that’s not the goal. Also, every response would be deleted after a span of one month.

In 2020, Instagram’s chief pledged how willing Instagram was to see how the platform affects different communities involved. This was in regard to issues like abuse, content distribution, bias linked to algorithms, and verification.

Just a few months later, Instagram spoke about plans to design an equity team that would better address issues like bias and user experience across the app.

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