Meta Continues To Dominate The VR Market But Competition From Sony And Apple Cannot Be Denied, Claims IDC

A report by the IDC has confirmed Meta’s leading position in the VR market. However, that does not mean it’s not bombarded with great competition from archrivals like Sony and Apple who are also bringing up their game.

Common products launched by competitors like PlayStation’s VR2 or perhaps the much anticipated Apple headset that’s themed on mixed-reality is just another example of why Meta should be concerned.

And that means we could well be seeing Meta’s market share decline further as confirmed by researchers from IDC’s new report.

On average, we witnessed the rise of VR headset shipments by nearly 241% YoY during Q1 of this year. However, that does not mean the issues related to the supply chain aren’t still there yet. We’re seeing a delay in shipments since the start of last year and so many buyers have been wanting to get their hands on a VR headset for a long time.

But despite these troubling times and testing circumstances, Meta continues to pull in strong and further bring up its share as revealed in the latest report which delineated Quest 2 as a hugely popular venture.

Other than that, we’re seeing the tech giant offer a number of great incentives and content while they subsidize hardware.

Nevertheless, it was interesting how IDC noted how Meta was trying to coast along with its previous achievements. We saw the firm bring itself up when it first launched the Oculus in the year 2014. And while the company has tried its level best to bring up its name in terms of different product launches, the biggest success we’ve seen so far was with a product that came out more than two years ago.

See, the problem might be related to the great level of investment that Meta’s been doing in its metaverse transition. But that does mean focusing more on VR and perhaps more headsets that could push the company to make more revenue and better hardware that’s themed around the platform.

We could similarly see a rise in pricing strategies for the whole industry as the average costs for such products rise while making way for the tech sector to improve.

Meta revealed how it does hope to see its shipments for VR-based products increase throughout the year, where figures could reach up to 14 million units. And according to researchers at IDC, that’s a mega 26.7% rise from the previous year.

Predictions for next year are big for the VR world, claims IDC as more and more firms produce headsets with the best VR/IR experiences.

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