Meta and Apple’s Race to Create the Metaverse First has Been Labeled as ‘Metaphorical’

Meta's CEO Mark Zuckerberg labeled their mad race to create the metaverse as a 'competition of philosophy and metaphors.’

He claimed that rather than being just a race, it is a very sophisticated and deep competition that will lead the direction of the internet in the future. This depends on who successfully manages to sell more hardware catering to both augmented and virtual reality.

So, how does Meta plan to compete against an equally big and successful company, Apple? The plan, as told by the Meta employees, is to sell the same products as Apple but offer better options. For instance, they claim to offer a more open approach and go for cheaper tags.

Coming back to the philosophies, Zuckerberg believes that creating steps towards the Metaverse is much more than simply creating products. It is building their theories and concepts and having them represented through their objects.

When commenting on their competitors, Zuckerberg commented how the rival company believes in doing everything themselves and creating a tightly bound community. Whereas for Meta, they beg to differ. They believe more in creating an environment where different companies add to the metaverse. When different companies specialize in different philosophies, it is bound to create a much more diverse ecosystem.

Changing Facebook's name to Meta wasn't the only change Zuckerberg had in mind. He aims to work for the future. He believes that there is something beyond mobile phone applications. That the future is digital and he can achieve it through diving into the Metaverse.

As a step into this, Meta created the Metaverse Open Standards Group. This was in alliance with Microsoft, Epic Games, etc. The purpose of this is to create open protocols that will help everyone discover the 3D world more openly.

Zuckerberg was quick to mention why Apple isn't a part of this group. They have always been secretive about their ongoing ventures while Meta doesn't care much about working in a closed or open setting. Meta is also quite loud about their plans while Apple remains silent.

The only thing we do know about Apple is that they are launching a VR/AR headset soon, so Apple is interested in the AR section. Apart from that, we are not sure. Even though we do not know what Apple is up to while Meta is so open about its plan, it is quite evident that the former is the leading company. They regularly cause Meta to suffer huge losses.

Lastly, Zuckerberg commented again on how this competition isn't just about who creates the better devices or offers better services, it goes deeper than that. It is about who builds better philosophical arguments that will determine which way the future leads. It is about who gets to determine the direction of the internet.

We hope Zuckerberg keeps improving Meta and stays on his ideology to be more open to creating a better Ecosystem. For Apple, it won't be so hard to work with Meta for once. But we are happy that this competition is healthy, and in the end, leads to technological miracles.

H/T: TheVerge

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