Google Holds Off Its Replacement For Third Party Cookies Linked To Advertising Until 2024

Google has recently announced in its latest update how it plans on delaying its replacement for third-party cookies related to advertising. The company is now predicting the change to take place in 2024.

The search engine giant was seen speaking about how they’ve gotten so much constructive feedback regarding the change and that’s why they’ve finally taken the initiative to move forward with the decision of delay.

Many stakeholders involved have requested the company to provide more time to comprehend and analyze its test linked to innovative Sandbox technologies. This is right before the firm moves ahead and replaces it with third-party cookies used for advertising purposes across its Chrome.

The decision was announced through a blog post which also highlighted how hard the company’s developers were working toward taking on board such APIs. Hence, the phase-out process for these cookies would begin toward the second part of the year 2024.

For those who might not have the concept clear in their minds, cookies are another name reserved for tiny codes that are produced by web pages to user browsers. They have the tendency to stick around for a while, as the user enters different sites.

This method is responsible for fueling the world of digital ads, not to mention its controversial function linked to track.
In 2021, Google made so many head waves when it announced how it would be ending any type of support for the initiative on the Chrome browser. But that was only once it could figure out the demands of the public, alongside those of advertisers.

This included Google making sure it had enough tools that would make the whole transformation process so much simpler. But then in June of last year, the firm pushed the deadline back, providing more time to certain industries to adopt the change.

Remember, those affiliated with privacy-conscious advertisements are hard to impress so the delay made sense. And now, we’re hearing news about how the change won’t take place for a further two more years.

As far as the second delay is concerned, it has to do with the respective stakeholder companies facing a massive hit, thanks to Apple’s new changes in its privacy policies. And in case you didn’t know, it has really struck firms big time.

Apple says it is making sure tracking is carried out at a bare minimum and if that means making advertisers’ life hard, then so be it. Moreover, firms like Facebook have even suffered greatly, thanks to Apple.

The Facebook owner would be recording a massive $10 billion loss due to the new changes being implemented.

The delay has also arisen as American and British lawmakers blast the firm for dominating the work of ad tech.

On the other hand, Google also stated boldly in its recent blogpost how its developers were carrying out trials for expansion of its APIs for the Privacy based Sandbox. This is designed to provide a reliable alternative to the classic cookie system.

Google seems to be very confident about its various cookie alternatives and is making sure industries get all the time they need to adopt the change.

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