Instagram Tests Its ‘Live Producer’ Feature That Enables Users To Go Live On Desktops Via External Software

Instagram is getting quite serious about its live streaming and that’s why the app is busy testing out a new feature called Live Producer.

With the help of online streaming software, Instagram will now let users go live via desktops. This is being made possible thanks to the innovative integration of the app’s live producer.

Streamers are now being given a unique opportunity to go above and beyond the classic smartphone device to get their content out across the board. Now, with this feature being launched, the platform hopes users will gain access to more cameras, better microphones, and even enhanced graphics.

All of this is being made possible thanks to external software options such as OBS, Streamlabs, and Streamyard among others.

The company made the announcement regarding the new functionality recently where they mentioned how the platform is always on the lookout to better its content creators’ live experiences so they can share a more meaningful journey with others on the app.

Therefore, they plan on achieving that goal by first testing the feature out with various broadcasters who can go live with a tiny audience and obviously the new software.

Remember, it’s still in its experimental phase so it’s not launched yet for all users.

We bet you’re wondering how the feature actually works and thankfully Instagram has outlined just that for its users.

To live stream via your desktop, users would first need to install their choice of software. After that’s done, they need to figure out where to put the URL and their stream key. This gives them the chance to broadcast it directly towards their Live session on the app.

Next, they need to go to and press the ‘add post’ option, followed by the ‘live’ button. Once that’s done, they can go live and select a title for their video too. The last step is to copy their stream key and that’s it.

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