Instagram is working on a new feature that will let users see their close friend stories in their direct list

Instagram, Gen Z’s favorite app is constantly coming up with new updates and features to keep the users interested. The app was launched in 2010 and was created by developers Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. The app was later bought by Facebook which was later branded Meta.

The app lets its users upload photos and videos with a size ratio of 1:1 that can be filtered by Hashtags and geographical tags. As we said before, every app needs updates to keep the user’s interest and Instagram is no exception.

The app is always rolling out new features to assist the users and help them navigate the app. One such new feature was added by Instagram which lets users see the stories that their close friends have shared right in their direct section, as spotted by Alessandro Paluzzi.

Close friend stories are the ones that can only be viewed by a selected list of people on the app that have been approved by the user who posted the story. This works well for people who have public accounts: this gives them a bit of privacy from the world that follows them. If you are a person with a fan following and want to share something only with your friends and family then close friend stories are the way to go.

Now the feature is that if a friend of yours posted a close friend's story, and you follow a lot of people then to reach that story you would have to search through the story bar; with this feature you would only need to swipe left and open your direct messages list. From there above the list you would see a bar with your friend’s story there.

This feature is a very interesting one that will help people in a hurry, and we hope that Instagram keeps coming up with great features like this in the future as well.

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