Instagram Launches ‘Searchable Map’ That Allows Users To Explore Popular Tagged Locations

Instagram has started rolling out its searchable map feature which is designed to help users explore some of the most famous tagged locations.

The news about the rollout was released today by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg. He revealed how the feature is not only searchable in function but extremely dynamic, providing users with the best map experience on the app.

With this new and updated experience, users can discover all the best and most well-known locations located near to them, while filtering the results for various locations, depending on the category involved. This can include bars, cafes, libraries, restaurants, salons, and more.

Before this update came into place, users were simply making use of the regular map on the app which comprised solely of posts. But with the update in place, users are being given the chance to search across the map while accessing different options for filters. They are also provided with the chance to move around with the map to see which trendy locations are nearby, in case they plan on paying a visit.

Instagram users can now make use of the map with ease as it’s available for all, confirmed Meta.

The entire idea of the searchable map concept is related to users having the best and most immersive experience, whenever they wish to search for happening locations or brands located near them. These are usually tagged in user stories, guides, or across posts.

In addition to that, you’re provided with the most relevant destinations on your map, in case you happen to be in search of a particular hashtag.

The category filter options are an added incentive that Meta says will add a whole new type of convenience for those on the go. Simply click on any particular hashtag that’s located on the feed or present on your stories.

For those searching for some more specific details, they can simply look for city names and other places using the app’s Explore tab. Additionally, Instagram revealed how the hashtag option is also up for grabs for a number of local hotspots too.

In case you want more, simply go through your recent stories and leading posts on the page, or better yet, press on your guide for tagged destinations in case you want to learn some more.

Users who love a particular location can even go about saving it for future reference, the app added. And don’t forget to share the fun with your loved ones through DMs.

If your profile on Instagram is public, you even get the chance to make any location come on the app so others can see it. It’s quite similar to what Snapchat offers to its users when putting up stories for the public.

The news of the launch comes at a time when Instagram was called out for being one of the most popular apps for today’s generation by Google’s VP. He also reiterated how younger audiences are no longer interested in the text but prefer more immersive experiences for discovering things that interest them.

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