Google Improves Gmail’s Search Results So Users Can Find Specific Contacts Faster

Have you ever sent out the right email to the wrong person? Well, we’ve all been guilty of our fair share of such mishaps online but now, Google is making sure such errors are limited to a bare minimum.

The company says it has improved its Gmail Search results. This is great for those prone to making silly errors as well as those who complain about how hard it is to find a contact from your email list.

We can’t help but agree how much such changes were a long time coming. Better late than never, users would now be easily able to find their contacts, not to mention how it would be taking place at a swifter pace.

In its recent public post, Google mentioned how it would be rolling out a new feature called intent matching whose main aim was designed to target names and email ids of those seen on users’ Gmail lists.

At the same time, it hopes to add a new feature of personalized suggestions that would make use of machine learning to get the best topics linked to a particular search.

This means user search results would similarly be narrowed down, giving rise to users finding everything they require. Be it a particular contact’s details, your boss’s email ID, or even a file that you may have lost.

Google explained the new change via a published example that showed how email IDs would now be displayed to match user queries before they show the similar matching names of contacts. In this case, it’s the last name that’s considered.

Those in a habitual practice of searching using first names would best benefit as the last name feature makes it ten times simpler and relevant.

With the prioritized suggestions, you can say hello to a personalized search that’s linked to how often you communicate with a contact. Obviously, the ones you interact with the most appear at the top when compared to others.

The changes are minor but definitely impactful so we give Google two thumbs up for being so thoughtful.

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