Creators voice their concerns about being paid late, incorrectly, or not at all in a survey

A recent survey conducted centered around creators brought about some shocking news and we are more than disappointed.

With the content creation industry getting saturated by the day, it is a hard job making original and creative content. But who knew getting paid for that content is an even harder job? Around 750 creators were surveyed to find out details about their experience with being paid, and let’s say around 87% had nothing good to say about it.

The survey was conducted by Tripalti, a leading software company that works with brands like Roblox to create a bridge of payment process between creators and these companies. Of the 750 participating creators, 500 were from the US while the rest of the 250 belonged to the UK.

Among these participants, it was found that 87% of the creators either don't get paid on time or get paid incorrectly, while some admitted to not being paid at all. In our advancing and modernizing world, where everyone advocates for workers' rights, it is disheartening to see such a situation. And with people whose voices are heard advocating such issues.

Furthermore, in the survey, about 40% of the creators admitted to monetization being the hardest part. It indeed does take long hard years to get your content monetized. After monetization, getting paid accurately and on time is the major problem as confirmed by 38% of creators.

To overcome these obstacles, creators chose multiple methods. Creators usually resorted to three solutions. The first one, picked on by 36% of the creators, is increasing their rates to compensate for the losses. The second, adopted by 31%, is hiring someone else to manage the payment. Lastly, 35% of the creators resorted to quit working with the companies altogether.

Some of the influencers went ahead and confessed that most companies have either cut down their payments or stopped paying due to inflation. If this continues, the economy could end up affected. Even big names like 'Vanity Planet' have told influencers that timely payments will not be possible.

Another instance where influencers were not paid at all, let alone timely, is when the infamous sex toy company Ooh! A companion was found to owe millions to various influencers. In their defense, there had been no legally binding contract with any of the accounts claiming overdue payments.

We understand that inflation has resulted in multiple issues and has affected entrepreneurs greatly, with them being unable to pay. However, creators already deal with a lot of confidence issues, and not getting paid for their work knocks it further down.

To increase confidence and make payments a lot easier, companies should work following contracts and pay accordingly.

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