Android Users In The US Could Soon Be Bombarded With Lockscreen Ads From Google’s ‘Glance’

There’s nothing more annoying than lock screen ads and if you happen to be residing in the US, well, here’s some news for you.

Android users could soon be receiving plenty of lock screen ads if a deal initiated by American carriers with Google’s Glance investment firm goes through.

And as much as we detest the news and call it invasive, well, advertising is the call of the day, especially when we consider the internet landscape.

The news was first reported by TechCrunch which highlighted Google’s ‘Glance’ firm. In case you didn’t know, it’s famous for putting out a number of lock screen ads for Android devices. Hence, it’s gearing up to begin operations in the US and they’re just giving a heads up, nearly two months in advance.

The firm is actually an investment by leading tech giant Google while in reality, it’s a subsidiary belonging to InMobi Group whose deemed to be an advertising market leader in India.

A lot of our readers are probably wondering what Glance does in terms of lock screen ads and the answer is simple. Those phones who have the firm’s tech advancements and witness dynamic lock screens can say hello to great displays including news, ads, and entertainment features like games as well.

And if we told you that the feature is a little difficult to remove, well, we’re not joking on this one. Moreover, there are even some threads that go as far as stating how users could disable lock screen ads, in case they’re sick of it.

On average, we’re seeing Glance offering its services to up to 400 million smart-device users across Asia, and that’s really an astounding number of people. But they’re not stopping there yet as they wish to cover the US market now and expand their horizons.

As of now, plenty of talks and deals are taking place regarding various smart device models being launched with the feature, which the company calls it's premium offering. This is where plenty of users will have the capability to cover costs related to various digital services.

The Asian market and Glance have the latter making bonds with smartphone producers directly. But since most of the US market is linked to carriers directly for sales, it makes sense why the firm is creating links with them.

The venue is definitely nothing new as we’ve seen firms like Amazon serve their ads through Android channels in a similar manner with Samsung also taking the lead in pushing ads through the device’s system apps.

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