68% Of Firms Using Amazon Web Services Plan On Becoming More Reliant On Cloud Systems By Next Year, Says New Report

As technology advances with a range of new developments, there is an even greater push towards cloud modernization, thanks to Amazon’s Web Services.

The era of cloud services reaching new heights of growth cannot be denied and as the world tries to accelerate in this field, there is a huge lacking of the right talent and the necessary knowledge required in terms of building upon and making the right use of the AWS environment.

Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it’s a real struggle for firms to attain cloud goals or perhaps reach those in the most cost-efficient manner imaginable. Hence, keeping all of these shortcomings in mind, a new report has gone as far as mentioning how 68% of firms that are currently using this AWS system intend on being more reliant on cloud systems in the next year alone.

This research report was conducted by 451 Research was funded by Mission Cloud Services which carried out a survey for up to 950 different American firms that were making use of AWS.

The report was seen to undermine the actual role of AWS while providing cloud services to so many firms and how it played a part in their success. A staggering 59% of people who responded to the report claim to be making use of the AWS system for better speed and more agility when using launching apps.

In terms of the hurdles associated with the system that many firms are forced to deal with, well, there were a number of issues that made it to the list. Some complained about cloud optimization and expenses while others spoke of challenges related to cloud-native apps. In addition to that, we saw talk about how hard it was for some to incorporate data lakes while others struggled with cloud modernization like AI or ML.

Another interesting highlight from the report was related to companies' self-describing and boasting about being very intricate users of Amazon’s Web Services. Therefore, they were definitely more driven towards a reliance on various cloud-managed services.

Among those people who planned on running around 80% of the workload across AWS, the majority revealed how keen they were to rely on cloud-based services for the next year.

In the same way, those users who identified as being early adopters of technology showed a similar type of eagerness. And more than 80% of them felt like increasing their dependence on external forms of AWS for further assistance.

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