YouTube’s Shorts Reigns Supreme As Stats Show 1.5 Billion Users Are Watching The App’s Short Form Videos Each Month

YouTube’s Shorts are definitely leading the pack in terms of their popularity amongst users. And there’s just something so addictive about the short-form video format that the app’s viewers can’t get enough of.

The news comes to us after the company recently unveiled how a staggering number of people are tuning in to the app, just for the sake of Shorts. To be more specific, the figures have reached 1.5 billion.

This is just two years after the company decided to follow in archrival TikTok’s footsteps and introduce a fun format for videos that no one knew could turn out to be such a massive success.

YouTube has spent so much time trying to provide its creators with all sorts of incentives as well as an array of tools that would help the app gain as much fame and revenue as TikTok was busy achieving. And now, it appears they just might have nailed the secret formula in the form of Shorts.

YouTube says that an average of 2 billion people tune into the app each month and out of them, 1.5 billion are busy watching Shorts. Hence, as you can see, the stats speak the truth and how popular of a venture this has all turned into.

Shorts was first launched in 2020 and while the start may have been quite slow at the start, it’s needless to say that it has managed to pick up the pace and crept into the element of the recommendation too. In addition to that, the company has even added some great features that more or less mimic TikTok’s venture such as sampling.

In April, we were shocked to find out from Google how Shorts managed to rack up a whopping 30 billion views, and that is just for one single day!

A recent press release was also sent out by the company that stated how the expansion of Shorts has begun a massive trend on the app which they liked to refer to as a multiformat creator.

But it wouldn’t be right to say that all of this just happens to be a major coincidence. See, the app was searching for ways to expand, and now that Shorts is helping them reach more targets, they are on the lookout for ways through which they could monetize or help give these creators more recognition for their work as an appreciation.

Moreover, it is another way of sweetening the already lucrative deal and helping stop them from being persuaded to leave the app and select another platform to showcase their talent. After all, people want to go where they feel most appreciated and that means areas where the money is.

In 2021, we saw the company launch its Shorts Fund worth a staggering $100 million. This would be handing out monthly payments to creators worth nearly $10,000, only if they manage to make the most popular videos.

Obviously, there is no fixed amount and the money would vary depending on engagement and performance and of course where the target audience was mostly located.

We also the introduction of ads before and some even during the video being added so creators could get a chunk of the profit. But there needs to be a better way to monetize than just ads being forced at the start of all clips.

The company knows it has its work cut out for them as Shorts continues to expand the app’s viewership here as compared to regular videos being published on the platform.

Now that’s where the problem lies. People are interested more in Shorts and that means the company has to compensate for the reduced percentage of ad revenue since there is only so much promotional content that can fit into a tiny video format.

YouTube recently unveiled how it is currently in the testing phase of monetizing Shorts. So far, they have received encouraging feedback and hence the progress is going where it had originally intended.

The company says its fund was never meant to be its sole answer to helping Shorts’ creators. They knew they had to think fast and ads were the quickest alternative while they also believe introducing sponsored content and adding the chance to shop could be other ways to make profits.

Last month, ads were released on Shorts around the globe and that is definitely a huge milestone.

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