YouTube’s New ‘Corrections’ Feature Gives Users A Chance To Update Notes On Clips

YouTube has recently tested a new feature by the name of Corrections.

This feature is said to provide content creators with a chance to update their notes on various YouTube clips easily. Therefore, that in turn means users will now be saved from literally re-uploading their entire videos, just to add a tiny alteration.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it’s labeled as ‘corrections’ coincidentally because that’s just what it does. Now, the new editing process will be shown as a display across the info card’s teasers that can be found during the video’s playback time.

Therefore, it is just going to highlight when an edit was made and will come aligned with the exact correction note that is provided with the clip.

As the company explained recently, errors would be very difficult to correct in the past, unless you had the patience to reupload content.

Now the problem was not only time-consuming but reuploading meant you would be losing out on all of your metrics as well as your comments too and that’s just something no one would appreciate.

If you wanted to make a change, you would have made it by adding a note in the description or could take out some time and respond to fans’ comments or queries that addressed that error. But again, not many people would be willing to do that.

With this new update in place, users are being given a chance to make the edit and call plenty of attention to the change by highlighting it in the description section. And that’s even if the video was already published. How’s that for a win-win situation?

In the example provided, we’re all witnesses to a new correction card that shows at the top right-hand side of your playback window. You can spot it easily during the timestamp that correlates to this particular correction.

Once you click on it, you’ll find it expanding and it will automatically lead you to the description section. Here is where the creator gets the chance to make any edits or add a clarification that is linked to the new change.

Yes, you still cannot entirely change the videos from this new feature but we do feel the addition of extra notes can really make a difference as it’s easier now to elaborate on minor errors or any mistakes in the clips.

YouTube reiterates that it's giving its creators the chance to prevent the huge hassle of re-uploading clips. Moreover, it’s also being hailed as a golden chance for those videos whose content is news based and very time-oriented.

If you think logically, creators may also go about using this option to align other viewers to more advanced or recently published videos on a similar topic.

For example, if you add a video on restaurant dining experiences, you can even add a correction in the description about another similarly themed video that directs those interested to the new content.

We feel that although the change is small, it’s extremely useful and one that could really facilitate the entire content-creating process.

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