Bill Gates Weighs in on Climate Change, the Influence of Crypto and the State of the Economy

The world has been beset by disaster after disaster these past few years, starting with the coronavirus pandemic and extending up until the economic turmoil in the present day. At a climate oriented session at TechCrunch, Bill Gates spoke out about his opinions on various matters, which climate change taking a front seat because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up ending civilization as we know it.

It turns out that Bill Gates has an optimistic outlook on our ability to mitigate climate change, citing various indicators that high IQ individuals are working on solutions to these problems rather than trying to get rich. When asked what he felt about the response to the pandemic and what it suggests about our ability to fight climate change, Gates was once again optimistic. Admitting his own country’s failure to reduce the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, Gates referred to numerous other countries who were able to keep deaths and infections down to a minimum despite a real lack of resources.

As for the economy, this turned out to be something that Gates was less certain about. He acknowledged that economic conditions are transforming at a rate that he has never seen before, and this creates a lot of uncertainty about the future since investors don’t know what the right move is in terms of storing their capital. However, he did not think that crypto was necessarily the root cause of this turmoil, giving a rather neutral opinion about this hot topic with all things having been considered and taken into account.

Gates spoke passionately about his belief that climate change reduction efforts should be focused on areas where they might have the widest possible impact such as in Africa. However, some are criticizing this as an attempt to shift the blame onto developing parts of the world instead of recognizing the drastically high per capita emissions of Americans that are much more important to tamp down on lest they start to spin out of control.

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