YouTube is working on more ways for creators to make money by rolling out more commerce tools

YouTube is a huge app that is used around the world by millions of people daily, while YouTube is a source of entertainment for some people it is a way for them to make money and feed themselves. Creators are at the center of YouTube as most of the people using the app use it just to watch their favorite creator’s latest video.

According to a survey conducted by HubResearch in December 2021, 43% of respondents from the US said that they watch videos uploaded on the app by influencers at least weekly. That number rises to 52% within the age group of 13-34. In the same survey it was revealed that two thirds of American teens and adults could name the brand that was highlighted or promoted by any influencer whose video they watched on YouTube. Also while talking to the people who could buy the stuff endorsed 86% said that they had either bought or considered purchasing an endorsed product.

YouTube is working on ways to help its creators make more money and in a way make money themselves. In this new program YouTube will give its users more ways to get their channel monetized and as a result Brands will benefit by getting their product reviewed or endorsed.

This will help YouTube because if the creators will make good money they will become more likely to stay on the app and thus will open up more opportunities for brands to work with them.

The things that are being rolled out include Shorts ads, Dual livestream hosting and more tools are being released for the ease of the creators. In addition to that more direct monetization tools are being rolled out by YouTube.

There are three main things that YouTube is doing for creators:

• From April, the creators that are eligible will receive tips in three different forms, Super Thanks which will be a tip in the form of a public thank you note from the viewers, Super Chat that will take the form of paid messages in a chat stream and last but not the least Super Sticker that are paid stickers that will be given in livestream.

• As we mentioned above YouTube will start showing Shorts ads, but there is no implication as to if the creators will get a share from it as they already receive 55% of the revenue generated from the ads regulated in their long form videos.

• The 100 million dollar Shorts fund which we were introduced to last year is being continued by the app this year. The fund gives a bonus to short creators whose shorts performed well. In January YouTube said that 40% of creators who weren’t previously monetized got a check in August.

H/T: eMarketer

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