More Than 9 In 10 Of Consumers Feel They Need More Control Over Data Shared With Companies, Says New Survey

Consumers are now being more and more aware of the digital world and the mighty problems that come with it. And in case you didn’t know, most of them are related to users’ data.

From privacy breaches to how details are collected and further shared with third parties- the list of woes and worries that many have is nothing short of major. This includes how much data is collected and for how long it's stored in different databases around the globe.

Therefore, a new survey was recently conducted keeping these terms in mind by Qonsent. It evaluated responses given by users and from the results, it was shocking to note how 94% of people surveyed felt they needed more transparency about their data in the online world.

These consumers went as far as mentioning how they needed a significant amount of control over how their data is being shared with other firms in the industry. Similarly, they also raised concerns about how they wished to have more knowledge about how brands were making use of their data, including where and for what purpose.

Consumers stressed the fact that they do realize how important it is for certain firms to collect data and how that was needed to better their performances online too. Still, they feel there is no excuse as to why they’re usually kept in the dark about data that ultimately belongs to them.

A lot of the respondents did agree that data collection was being done to better consumer experience but that should come with more control and transparency. After all, with consumers in the driver’s seat, the end result is a relationship that’s built on nothing but trust.

Transparency is now being looked at as a key element in terms of gaining the trust of consumers in the market as brands wish to create long-lasting relationships with those that mean the most.

The survey also made sure to dive deep down into looking at what marketers had to say about altering data privacy rules. And that’s when they realized how 88% of them had some reservations about the current privacy laws in place for data collection.

Similarly, 85% of them felt that trust and an added level of transparency were two of the basic and most important elements that were directly related to ad spending. Meanwhile, 79% of those marketers surveyed highlighted how privacy laws would impact customers' engagements.

One of the most surprising findings of the survey has to be related to 84% of the respondents claiming they’re more than willing to share their data with different brands whose practices are transparent and so are their policies.

Interestingly, around 77% of the respondents also went as far as claiming that when data policies are transparent, they’re more willing to positively impact their buying decisions. Therefore, around 50% of consumers would end up making a purchase from a transparent company. This includes around 29% of consumers stating that they’re only going to be buying a good or service if it is transparent.

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