WhatsApp Is Working On New Emojis For Messages And Rolling Out Cover Photos As A New Update

Updates from WhatsApp are always fun and today we’re bringing forward two new exciting functionalities that have been unveiled by the firm.

The first one is related to the app working on ways to bring forward more message reactions, better known as emojis. Previously, the same feature was launched for Android users but this time around, it’s making its way to iOS users.

The company says it is making way for a draggable section that features a number of emojis and more that can be searched on demand so iOS users can react in a way that’s similar to those with Android devices.

For now, this hot feature is still in the development phase so we’re not quite sure when the company plans on rolling it out. But we’ll definitely keep an eye out for you.

WhatsApp has always been keen on providing businesses with innovative means to better their profiles. And today’s second update is related to just that.

Now, those with business accounts are being given the chance to better their business profile by adding a cover photo. All users need to do is make sure they’ve got the latest version of the business app so they can make the most of this feature.

Two months back, the app made some heads turn when it announced the ability for iOS and desktop business account holders to set cover photos of their preference on WhatsApp. But at that time, we had no idea about whether or not Android users would be able to make use of this functionality.

Today, that time has finally come as the app is in the process of rolling out cover photos for its Android users. Yes, it’s already begun rolling out for some businesses so we hope you’ll be trying it out soon!

If you are eligible, you’ll see a feature that pops up on your chat list screen. This feature arises in the form of a banner that welcomes business users to set up cover photos, as soon as you open your profile by entering the settings tab.

And if you’re curious about what other competitors are putting up, just to get an idea, you can always click on their profile and take a look.

Thanks to Wabetainfo, we’ve got the news that some businesses are always using the featuring. And in case you don’t have it just yet, don’t worry. The app is rolling it out to others in the upcoming weeks.

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