Whatsapp is planning to release two new features for its business users; Create Orders and manage ads

WhatsApp is a platform that helps many people stay connected with their loved one and in this case run their business from their phone without needing to make a website. That is where WhatsApp business comes in. This app lets people set up a business account from where they can receive orders and talk to clients.

Because every app needs updates to keep the interest and help their consumers, the same is the case with WhatsApp as it will be releasing two new features of WhatsApp Business. The first is the feature that will allow the user to keep track of the ads that they have posted one Facebook.

When a user clicks on the “Advertise on Facebook” option it will give them two tabs; create and Manage. The former was already there but the Manage option is new and it will allow the user to track the ads that they have posted on Facebook.

Actually this feature is a new one and it is not the final version so changes will be seen over time. Due to this feature being recently launched businesses can only check the list of ads which they have set to the “Click to WhatsApp” setting but if they want a more detailed check they need to open Facebook.

But that is not all as WhatsApp is currently rolling out another feature “create orders” on Desktop. This feature is currently in the works and will soon be available in a future update of WhatsApp beta for Android, iOS, and Desktop.

This feature will allow businesses to create orders within the chat itself. When a business user clicks on the order option a new section called Create Order will appear. It will allow the user to add items, their quantity and the app will automatically calculate the price of the order. When the order is complete it will be automatically shared in the chat where the order was created.

This is a feature created for the business version of the app, so it will only be available to businesses that use a future version of WhatsApp bets because this feature hasn’t been released yet even in the Beta version. Furthermore WhatsApp is planning to release the same feature for Whatsapp bets but will keep it restricted to business accounts only.

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