What’s Next For Twitter Amid The Controversial Elon Musk Takeover? The Firm’s Head Of Global Client Solutions Has His Say

Twitter is still at the center of the tech world’s focus as we reportedly get nearer to the controversial takeover by billionaire Elon Musk. And while many people may be running out of patience, there’s only so much that we all can do other than wait.

The market is waiting for Musk to accept the $44 billion transition deal and until then, we thought it would be interesting to keep you up to date on what you may have missed including a very interesting interview (hosted by eMarketer/InsiderIntelligence) with the company’s head of global solutions for clients, Jean-Philippe Maheu.

In the previous week, Twitter’s board made it clear about how it wanted shareholders to start making way for the purchase’s approval and we do feel that means things are finally picking up the momentum. The social network seems to be carrying on with its business as usual, which was confirmed at the recent Cannes Lions Festival.

When asked about the future of Twitter in terms of an advertiser’s perspective, Maheu stated how keen Elon Musk was to make advertising an integral part of the platform in the future. He also added how there was no doubt in his mind about ads being a commercial breakthrough for the app as a promising business model.

The next question thrown at Maheu was again related to Musk’s huge plans of rolling out subscriptions and various other payments to help diversify Twitter’s revenue streams in the commercial world.

To that, the vice president for the company’s global client solutions added that the primary focus was on the ad model as their main source of income. Next up, he highlighted how subscriptions weren’t something completely new to them and the firm has always generated interest in that aspect. After all, there’s a reason why they came up with Twitter Blue in the first place.

Twitter sees its Blue Subscriptions as a clear test for users and based on the feedback of it making sense to them, they wish to progress forward and perhaps expand soon. But Maheu failed to provide an exact price point as he feels it’s still being tested. “It’s a value exchange that needs to be aligned with the features and what users can pay around $3 to $4 for it”- he continued.

Another interesting turnaround point in the interview was related to what Twitter has learned so far on its journey. And to that the answer was they’ve got plenty more work to do. The company hopes to continue its journey of exploration and they hope the ad model will allow them to be the future as subscriptions would take time.

Last but not least, Maheu was questioned about Twitter’s potential in the world of commerce and whether or not there was a chance of that growing further.

The answer to that was a little complicated as Maheu split it up on how there could be shopping transactions taking place on the app directly or indirectly. This all depends on the location where the purchase happens but there’s no reason why Twitter can’t move ahead in this aspect.

For now, the company seems more inclined to progress toward giving merchants the chance to market their goods and services on the app which would in turn help drive traffic to third-party apps or pages.

Twitter wants to build on a great shopping journey for its users while keeping its ad model in perspective and making the most revenue through that. As he reiterated, Twitter is an app for discovery and people love to talk about what’s trending on the platform. And that could well be the latest shoe launch from a brand like Nike. Perhaps it could be the latest iOS release from Apple or Samsung’s newest gadget.

Twitter has always been about serving its users with something that makes them aware of new product discoveries and by expanding that initiative further, they can see it behaving like a food funnel where the company has a pivotal role that it needs to play.

Elaborating further, the vice president says that some developments in the world of e-commerce by Twitter are seen while the others are too visible. But that doesn’t mean they’re not up to great things, especially in terms of innovative tools for merchants.

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