Users Can Now Publish Videos On TikTok With Unique Customized Digital Avatars

It won’t be too long ahead in the future when we’ll be seeing digital avatars take over the world.

And until then, a number of social media giants are already experimenting with the unique phenomenon and TikTok appears to be the latest addition.

The leading video-based platform is moving ahead with its desire of embracing digital avatars with the introduction of unique tools that manage to create just that.

Therefore, even before we actually start to interact with the realm of virtual spaces, TikTok is giving its users a feel of what they can expect and how things will really look like in this regard.

TikTok says it has come up with the best version of 3D tools for digital avatar creation that assist in aligning its users with the popular app.

With avatar has recently been launched with a bang and that means users will be able to publish their content with the TikTok avatar that they feel best represents them.

For use, simply log into the app and click on the Effects Tab that’s made available with the camera view. Now, simply create an avatar that you feel best represents you in terms of a customized character that can be used with ease across the platform.

So, what exactly can users expect in terms of features on offer. Well, TikTok seems to have really hit a home run in terms of variation. Users can play with all sorts of interesting hairstyles, makeup, and body modifications like piercings and tattoos too. Clearly, the world is your artistic playground in this regard.

Remember, the entire purpose is to make your TikTok Avatar stand out as you so adding a touch of your personal style or preference is the way to go!

The app says that once your avatar is ready to go, simply record a video. And once you’re able to gesture and send out different movements, you’ll see the avatar follow in your footsteps and mimic those movements.

It wouldn’t be wrong to call out the new update as being one that’s very similar to the Apple Memoji. Here, users select any digital puppet and the character moves along in the same direction as you while you gave into the camera.

It’s more or less the same, even the cartoon version appears similar. But we do notice how TikTok is also offering its users a mini avatar option as well that could end up being the user’s main option too.

Users can put the avatar design as their overlay when posting clips on the app. And how creative it turns out to be is totally up to you. With the addition of remixes, voiceovers, and music tracks, the whole thing is a unique blend of arts and crafts.

There’s a lot to play around with and the real reason behind the extra effort has to do with the world trying to transition into a more unique digital connection.

TikTok hopes that effects like these can really assist in aligning a user’s habit with the new shift, thereby creating a new connection that also reflects your presence on the app.

In case you weren’t already aware, Meta is already ahead of the game with its 3D avatars. These are not only advanced and readily usable, but readily available to be used on applications like Facebook and Instagram as well.

Meanwhile, Snapchat has the usual Bitmoji character that users simply love. Hence, it only made sense that TikTok moved ahead and entered the ring.

There’s plenty of news about how Meta is even going as far as designing photorealistic versions for its avatars and they could soon be released soon.

But it will be interesting to see if users actually like the idea of appearing as their true selves online or not.

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