Twitter Leaves Users Confused After Making Minor Changes To Its Platform’s Buttons

Twitter seems to be having a whirlwind type of situation after it recently made some minor changes to its platform.

Users of the app were left feeling confused when the company chose to implement changes that revolved around altering the hues of likes from red to pink. Similarly, the app has modified the way tweets and replies appear on users’ profiles too.

Clearly, change is good in life but in this case, users aren’t too happy with how things have turned out.

But the latest change to take center stage is the change in the sequence of bookmarks with copy links. Therefore, many are now claiming that this was not necessary.

The first person to highlight the change was media outlet 9to5Google who mentioned the rather apparent shift in the order of the mobile app.

Therefore, whenever a user goes about pressing Share which is located in the bottom right, a sheet usually appeared with the highest option including sharing the tweet via a DM. Closely following behind were three buttons that were located in the following sequence: Copy Link, Bookmark, and Share Via.

But we don’t know what had gotten into the app all of a sudden because they have reversed the order and that has resulted in disastrous confusion.

So many old users are now complaining that they are actually bookmarking their tweets instead of doing what they are supposed to do- copy URLs of certain Tweets.

Meanwhile, users’ misery did not stop there. Once you do manage to bookmark a particular tweet, undoing the action is not easy. Since there is no undo option, you can’t perform the same action twice as the action is performed.

To manage the situation, you need to go back to your profile and click on Bookmarks to manage the ordeal. As it is, we’ve got enough problems in this world that this has now appeared.

Interestingly, you might be shocked to learn that the option varies in different parts of the world. For instance in India, you can find it listed as Copy Link, Share Via, and Bookmark. And that is the order.

But when you go to the UK, it’s a whole different story that comprises of Copy Link, Bookmark, and then Share Via. So yes, the sequence is definitely not the same and that’s surprising because we feel it should be universal worldwide.

While the app loves to experiment on a usual basis, this is definitely not one that is going down too well with both new and old users. After all, no one wants to engage in accidentally bookmarking.

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