Elon Musk Will Hold His First Meeting With Twitter’s Employees Ever Since His $44 Billion Takeover Drama

After the explosive and much-talked-about Twitter acquisition deal worth $44 billion was proposed, we’re finally seeing some developments taking place by billionaire Elon Musk.

The Tesla CEO will reportedly hold his first-ever meeting with the company’s employees on Thursday as all eyes are on the happening event.

The world’s richest man is believed to answer a handful of questions being thrown at him from the firm’s workforce during this particular meeting.

We’ve seen previous reports indicate how Elon Musk has gone as far as threatening to back out from the deal if he was not given more data about the company’s spam and fake profiles. But last week, Twitter did manage to fulfill his final command by providing just that.

This meeting has been made public by the firm’s CEO via an email that was sent out to employees on Monday.

Parag Agrawal stated that all members of the workforce were more than welcome to come forward and put their reservations and any queries in front of Musk, prior to the start of the meeting.

This news was initially revealed by the Business Insider and later confirmed by sources at the BBC, thanks to Twitter’s spokesperson.

The reason why this meeting is being called out so much is that this gathering is going to be the first time ever that the Tesla boss interacts with the workforce directly, ever since he sent out his mega proposal for takeover.

Remember, there has been plenty of drama recently about Musk cutting the deal out altogether while accusing the social media firm of ignoring his multiple requests to give more information about its database and methods used to calculate fake accounts.
We even saw one letter making the billionaire’s reservations public, proving how the matter was so serious that the deal could soon be terminated, after being on hold for so long.

Some people were sure Musk was trying to buy time to get a better price but now that might be out of the question, thanks to this new happening.

Other analysts have called out Elon Musk’s demands as unconventional and hence clearly showed that he was not too serious about taking his own proposition forward.

Agrawal has repeatedly done his best to defend his organization and practices used for years but that never seemed to be ‘good enough’ for Musk.

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