Twitter Helps The Visually Impaired By Releasing New Option To Translate Charts Into Audio Elements

With leading social media apps like Instagram and Meta paving the way for functionalities that could help the disabled, it was only high time that Twitter would step up its game in this regard.

Therefore, the app’s new update manages to do just that, targeting the company’s visually impaired users.

The feature will be an expansion of its already growing accessibility tools and will comprise an innovative option that translates its charts into audio-based components so it’s easily comprehensible for people with visual impairments.

To put it simply, visually impaired users will now be able to hear charts after they’re translated into various pitched sounds. This will also be accompanied by a written chart description too.

It will be interesting as the variations in chart figures will help these users differentiate between various key elements for a better understanding of the chart that’s displayed, the company has added.

We’ve been seeing the leading social media company working hard at incorporating a number of accessibility tools into its repertoire in the past year. This includes a long list of updates to the display panel, along with video clips, and an interesting ‘CC’ button seen on videos that makes captions easily available.

In 2020, we saw the app incorporate a long series of ‘+ALT button’ across its images and that added a new level of convenience to alt text descriptions for visuals that were shared.

Now, as a whole, we’re seeing the company give rise to a giant range of components that would serve as a help to better their experiences while using the app. This includes revolutionary ways that users may utilize during their Twitter conversations.

While the introduction of translating charts is a small step, it can actually pave the way for a huge impact on a major subset of society.

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