Travel And Navigation Apps Show Massive Increase In Usage Despite Inflation

The sudden peak in inflation has really taken over the world by storm but if you think that it’s going to affect travel and adventure enthusiasts, well, you might be wrong.

A new study by DataAI is shedding light on how there has been a sudden surge in downloads and usage of apps that pertain to the travel and navigation industry. This includes a rapid increase in Airbnb downloads too.

The results are making one consider whether or not the sudden price hike in global commodities and rise in economic uncertainty has any effect on these individuals or not because, at first glance, the facts just aren’t adding up.

The news comes to us as proved how the usage of travel maps showed a constant increase this year, starting off from the month of January. The world’s leading top five travel apps proved how keen people were to hop on a plane and discover another destination.

And in particular, this trend was seen more commonly among American consumers when compared to others.

To be more specific, on average, a staggering 80% of the American adult population is making plans for summer travel. Additionally, we saw the US Travel Association shed light on how citizens of the US spent a staggering $95 billion on their travel for March of this year.

This is just a little less from the stats that we were accustomed to seeing before the pandemic. And what better news could that be because it means we’re on the road to complete recovery.

The study’s App IQ delineated some more interesting stats about how downloads for the world’s top 5 transport/navigation apps grew so much that they crossed the 21 million mark during the start of 2022.

This is in stark comparison to what we witnessed during the same part of 2021. Apps leading the crowd included GasBuddy who tripled its downloads to about 2 million this year. And that included a mega 190% YoY rise.

However, we would definitely like to give some credit to the inflation and especially to the surge in gas prices which makes more people want to download the app now.

But wait, the best figures are yet to come. The biggest increase was observed in the Airline industry in terms of app downloads. All of the world’s top five applications for airlines saw a huge rise in download applications.

Meanwhile, a similar increase for hotel booking apps came into view where a 34% YoY rise was recorded and it was VRBO who led the pack. In terms of demographics, it was mostly females in the 24 to 44 age bracket who engaged with these apps the most.

When we look at the complete picture in its entirety, it’s quite obvious seeing how the inflation surrounding today’s world isn’t exactly taking a toll on the activity of consumers in terms of travel apps. Moreover, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the opposite has actually taken place. noticed its biggest increase ever since the start of this year. Its downloads have increased by nearly 122%. And what better indication than this about people making travel plans and waiting for summer to begin so they can kickstart their adventure.

People have been barred from travel since the pandemic had kicked in but the fact that they are downloading such apps means they’re interested in the best deals.

Expedia and Airbnb have really been making some great business in 2022 with both apps reporting huge download growths this year. It’s clear that the investments for these firms are clearly paying off in more ways than one.

This data is more proof and a huge hint that even if inflation is at its peak during the springtime, the number of active users on a weekly basis has massively surged for apps like Hopper and Expedia. Hence, this delineates how keen people are to go on a travel adventure despite the great uncertainty in today’s market.

Moreover, it is providing us with more evidence that app publishers need to view these stats as an indication of expanding their reach to the designated niche audience and making the most of this period, while it lasts.

The ultimate goal of users seems to be searching for ways to make a saving while keeping their travel plans as a top priority.
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