Top Facebook Whistleblowers Say AI Isn’t Capable Enough To Solve The Company’s Content Moderation Problems

A number of whistleblowers for Facebook are coming out in the open with their reservations regarding artificial intelligence and how it can’t be used to control the app’s content moderation.

Recently we heard of the platform praising AI and how much technology has evolved that it is now being able to make some leading decisions for the company. But the news did not gel too well with Frances Haugen- a top whistleblower.

She was last seen appearing with the company’s former moderator, Daniel Motaung. The duo attended an event in London together. Daniel is now in the midst of lashing out a lawsuit against the company over claims of human trafficking but that’s a separate story altogether.

What we do know is that Zuckerberg is a huge fan of AI and the systems that are based on it. Moreover, the Meta CEO can be seen praising it to such a degree that he announced last year at a summit how much it helps eliminate hate speech from the company’s systems, deeming it to be ideal for making some key decisions.

Shortly after that, we heard Zuckerberg reveal how he’s so willing to get on board with AI and bring it up to a level that’s equivalent to human intelligence because that’s how much potential it has.

Whistleblowers like Frances and Daniel disagree with the statements by a significant amount, calling out Facebook for living in a world of fantasy where human moderators aren’t given credit where they feel is most due.

The whistleblowers argued how much hard work and effort is being done by thousands of other employees where some go as far as suffering great mental stress as a result of all this.

Frances Haugen believes Facebook is doing a decent job at fooling the world into believing that AI is the best evolution of mankind but it’s just simply not as smart as the Silicon Valley is now making out.

She says that it comes nowhere near to gauging or interpreting the problems that come with the freedom of speech. And if one would think that it can blindly rely on moderation, then they’re sorely mistaken.

In addition to that, she says that using AI is like making an expensive tradeoff where you need to strike a balance or consider a tradeoff that takes place between an overwhelming algorithm that fails to detect content that goes against the app’s policies and one that wrongly removes content where there's no error.

Remember, she adds, AI can’t always be so precise and there’s a thin line that most people are walking on in this regard. At the end of the day, you’re feeding stats into a system so it’s machine learning and has nothing to do with intelligence.

She also lashed out at the company for only making use of AI because it felt the need to cut out costs and hence was willing to compromise on a lot more. Interestingly, the words do correlate with what was mentioned during one internal farewell by Facebook’s employee, during the later part of 2020. He boldly declared that AI can never save Facebook.


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