TikTok’s parent company ‘ByteDance’ makes 1 Billion in 1 year

According to data from Sensor Tower Store Intelligence, the parent company of TikTok, ByteDance, has generated 1 Billion from mobile games alone in the past year across AppStore and Google Play.

Although ByteDance is known by TikTok primarily, over the past two years, the company has inclined itself more towards the development of mobile games. It has successfully published two major subsidiaries; Ohayoo and Nuverse, along with the acquisition of multiple gaming companies. These include the infamous ‘Mobile Legend; Bang Bang’ and ‘Girls Chronicle; Idle Heroine’.

We do know from Sensor Tower’s report that ByteDance generated 1 Billion from June 2021 to June 2022. However, the report also confirmed that the company’s mobile titles generated a hefty number of installs - 139 Million. It should be noted that this survey did not include payments from third-party stores as well as revenue generated from ads.

When it comes to the top games that generate most of the revenue for ByteDance, the first position is snatched by Mobile Legends; Bang Bang. The second place belongs to Ragnarok X: Next Generation, followed by Sweet Crossing: Snake. io. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang alone has 56% of app installs and 78 million downloads. It has also generated $317.7 Million in just one year. We guess acquiring this game and creating TikTok are indeed ByteDance’s greatest achievements.

When talking about the places that ByteDance has the most control over, the first place belongs to Indonesia, ByteDance’s primary spot for downloads, followed by China and the Philippines in the respective order. However, the largest market for spending turns out to be Japan where people usually spend the most, hence the revenue generated amounts to 34% of the total. In terms of revenue, second place goes to China, followed by the US.

ByteDance supposedly has grasped the key to success these days, and it is the acquisition of mobile games. The company started with no relation to games however introducing gaming into their business plan got them hefty revenue. The same goes for Netflix. The platform has reached over 13 million downloads ever since it introduced gaming into the platform.

How other companies will take lessons from this or how these companies will use gaming to their benefit in the future is one big mystery. However, we do know that gaming subscriptions are losing their charm, while non-gaming subscriptions are taking the lead. We also have to see how these platforms that have recently been introduced to gaming will adapt to such ups and downs in the gaming world.

Another question that arises is, will these companies lose their essence if the revenue from gaming ends up overpowering their origin? We’ll have to wait and find out.

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